Monoprints & monotypes with hot-stamped foil
Sizes vary

I have rare knowledge and expertise in the application of hot-stamped foil. Foil is an innovative and transformative material, reimagined & championed for use in fine art by Professor Virginia A.  Myers at the University of Iowa. I learned Virginia’s techniques, and then taught it, when I was the endowed Virginia A. Myers Visiting Artist in Printmaking & Assistant Professor at the University of Iowa in 2014-2015.

Available in a wide array of colors and patterns, Virginia’s foil technique co-opts the material language of commercial objects such as embossed book covers, greeting cards, toothpaste packaging, and road signs. I have since incorporated foil into my practice and pedagogy, and created the hashtag #FOILOLOL to illuminate and expand upon its many applications, specifically those outside of what may be considered traditional image-making. 

Foil Resources: