“Impressions” is my ongoing series of watercolor monoprints that employ a modified version of the Provincetown Printers’ white-line woodcut technique.

Since 2016, I have been researching the history and process of the white-line woodcut, an esoteric printmaking technique developed in Provincetown, MA and Cincinnati, OH. This research illuminated a history of women, some queer, printmakers who were the vanguard of the white-line technique, which is based on Japanese mokuhanga woodblock prints. In July 2018, I was invited to teach this technique at Anderson Ranch Arts Center in a workshop titled “Bridging the Gap: CNC and White-line Woodcut”.

“Impressions” is simultaneously a nod to Printmaking (with a capital P) and Pam Beasley’s series of watercolor paintings on the television program The Office.