Cheerleading inspired by birdsong

Kind of Bluets: 33 Great Moments in Color (Aid) Commentary

Featuring texts, in order of appearance, by:

Katie Garth, Loring Taoka, Chris Reeves, Serena Hocharoen, Aaron R. Turner, *Leah Mackin, Jesse Malmed, Junli Song, Rana Young, Juliette Walker, Anna Haglin, Michelle Leftheris, Acadia Kandora, M’shinda Abdullah-Broaddus, Erin M. Riley, Jack Wood, Lydia Rosenberg, Mary Banas, Jing Yu, Alexander Hanson, Cole Wilson, Ana Llorente, Ruben Castillo, Sean P. Morrissey, Kat Richards, Juan Pablo Rahal, Kim Tomlinson, Kyle Adam Kalev Peets, Amze Emmons, Shannon Finnegan, Madeleine Conover, Rebecca Morgan

Raw footage courtesy of Zora J Murff

Special thanks to Rana, Zora, Chris & Curt & Jesse, Rachel Brathwaite, Mary Banas, Gus Johnson, and all of the amazing and generous artists above!!!!

*thanks David Bowie

Public Storage, 2021