Cheerleading inspired by birdsong

Pocket Poetry Mobile Zine Library

The #PPMZL invites participants to share the contents of their pockets to create an eight-page zine from a single sheet of paper. The contents are placed on my portable copy machine (powered by a marine boat battery) to make five copies, then cut & folded into mini booklets on-the-spot. Participants receive two copies, one goes to the cart library, one to my teaching collection, and one to a local special collections archive (if applicable).

Inspired by Dada pattern poetry, these unique publications simultaneously operate as artifact and portrait.

The Pocket Poetry Mobile Zine Library was built in June 2017 at Ox-Bow School of Art in Saugatuck, MI, where I was a Faculty Artist-In-Residence. The zines produced at Ox-Bow live in Mac Akin's Look Hear Zine Library.

Special thanks to Ox-Bow, Jonas Sebura, John Rossi, Aaron Cook, Jeff Egner, Emily O'Leary, Ann Tarantino & Lindsey Landfried at Woskob Family Gallery, and all who have shared their time and belongings to help build the library!