Symbols of America

Collaboration with Mary Banas for the exhibition For Freedoms: Art as Political Resistance at DAAP Reed Gallery, University of Cincinnati, September 4-30, 2018

While we’re trying to let go, we’re also trying to hang on.

Everything is personal and the personal is political.

“Symbols of America” is an evolving suite of printed ephemera: physical evidence of thoughts and conversations we are (and aren’t) having in America. The work explores the relationship between our symbols—flags, icons, logos, phrases—and our ideologies, and how they shape and reflect each other. Much of our contemporary dialogue and media consumption takes place in digital spaces but these experiences often produce tangible emotional responses: the highs, the lows, and the really low lows. This work bears witness to the unrest and anxiety of modern life.

In For Freedoms, these artifacts are meant to serve as prompts for discussion, contemplation, and tools for communication. The work is a constellation of large-scale vinyl wall decals— graphic gestures from the emotional, intellectual, and existential zeitgeist: a call waiting for a response.