Cheerleading inspired by birdsong

The Joy of Enjoying

Collaboration with Jesse Malmed

The Joy of Enjoying is & was a cook/book & happening commissioned by Temple Contemporary at Tyler School of Art & Architecture in October 2019. The cook/book was crowd-sourced from an *open call and we hosted a release party/talk show on October 22, 2019.

Published by Temple Contemporary, Tyler School of Art & Architecture, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA.

TJOE was made in collaboration with Amze Emmons, Rob Blackson, Claire Cooke, Brianna Maule, Shannon Dougherty, Maddy Conover, Serena Hocharoen, Anna Graves, Joan Quinones, Lisa Jungmin Lee, Katie Garth, Layla Mrozowski, Julian Van Der Moere, Chris Reeves, Willow Eagono, Sara McCaffrey, Jing Yu, Amy Cousins, Vivien Wise, Vicenze Caponigro, cecca wrobel, ERIC MACK, Imin Yeh, Lauren Sudbrink, Morty Keith, Princeton Cangé, Eva Sturm-Gross, Aaron Walker, Senja Toivonen, Annie May Johnston, Erin Miller, Adam Farcus, Theresa Harris, Maggie Wong, Kim Tomlinson, Mayetta Steier, Kati Gegenheimer & Kristina Paabus.

Screenprint & risograph with mustard comb-binding; 46pp (plus one page tipped-in with Delicate Touch lavender painter's tape), jumbo paper clip, and four pieces of loose ephemera.
11.25" x 9" or 11.25" x 17.25" (with back cover unfolded for placemat)
Edition of <333

*We seek submissions that range from poems that look like recipes and recipes that look like poems, non-fiction pickles, instructions for           and from, performance scores for grocery stores or grossed out smores, drawings of uncertain cheetos, gingham soliloquies, TV dinner guests with speculative meal times, etc. You can do what you want — both in life and in this moment — but a few potentially generative sites for thinking (in the cookbook world we call this a lookbook) include community recipe books, fluxus event scores, concrete poetry, and diner placemats.